La potenza dei vini di Ribera del Duero in Spagna



A company started as a family project, based on a combination of modesty, tradition, hard work, dedication and pride, and with the aim of developing a unique legacy in wine production.


Luca D’Attoma


The company’s enologist and founder of W.E.C. (Wine Evolution Consulting), a consultancy business that provides advice to winegrowers: from the planning of vineyards to vinification processes. This has involved him in helping many companies both in Italy and abroad in their tireless pursuit of achieving the maximum quality.




  • Abre Las Alas ECO 2011
  • Entre Palabras ECO 2012
  • Los Tres Dones ECO 2013
  • Abre Las Alas ECO 2015
  • El Patio De Valdemonjas ECO 2017